Have A Whole Day Of Fun At Treasure Island Flea Market

There is something fun for everyone at Treasure Island Flea Market. It is a monthly flea market held in the Bay area of San Francisco. You will find many vendors offering a variety of goods for sale. But, that’s not all! Events, concerts and good food are all part of the fun at Treasure Island Flea Market.

If you enjoy handmade goods and crafts, you will be happy to see the many displays of unique, one of a kind pieces for sale at the market. Come out an see the delightful fabric crafts such as quilts, crochet and knitted items, needlework and other fabric creations. Artisans of all kind are featured at the market. These crafty entrepreneurs will surprise you with their unique wares.

Do you like vintage collectables? Then, you will enjoy the stalls and tables filled with antique and vintage items, hand-picked for your pleasure. There are furniture pieces, decorative items and nearly anything you can imagine from days gone by, to choose from. You can find things from any design era to add to your collection or beautify your home.

Maybe, up-cycled or indie designs are your thing. If so, then you will be amazed at the creative designs offered for sale at the flea market. Clothing, jewelry, handbags and shoes are just some of the things you can find there. Re-purposed items made of everything from paper to wood, glass and metal are crafted by the designers into works or art or useful treasures. It is amazing what inspire creations can be made using the things most people can find no use for. Come to the market and enjoy the inspiring and unique designs.

Newly manufactured items are also available. A large section of the market is devoted to designer manufactured goods, including quality clothing and accessories for a fraction of the cost you would pay at a brick and mortar store. Don’t miss out on this bargain merchandise!

While you are there, be sure to satisfy your hunger. Treasure Island Flea Market offers a selection of gourmet food trucks to please any palette. Fresh breads are available from expert bakers, too. And, don’t forget to visit the wine vendors to quench your thirst. You won’t find any boring food at this place!

This flea market also provides activities to engage any member of your family. In the past, there have been scavenger hunts, concerts and even yoga classes to enjoy. The activities will vary, but there is always something amazing going on to delight visitors.

This flea market is a spectacular two-day event. It’s generally held on the month’s last weekend. The location offers some beautiful views of San Francisco’s downtown area. The open-air market is situated on the Great Lawn, which is located on Treasure Island’s west side.

So, if you are looking for good fun for the whole family, you need to make your way to Treasure Island Flea Market. You never know exactly what you will find there, but that’s part of the delight to be had in perusing the tables and exhibits. Come out and enjoy all the shopping, great food and engaging activities the market has to offer.

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