Hollywood investments go through the Gutseriyev exchange

The media reported that the Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio decided to invest in innovative assets – cryptocurrency. The amount invested by the Hollywood’s star is not openly known, but it is known how much a month earlier another celebrity invested in similar assets – the star of the recently released film “Strippers” Jennifer Lopez. After visiting Minsk and talking with representatives of the Belarusian cryptocurrency exchange Currency.com, the actress acquired various cryptocurrencies worth about $ 5 million.

The Belarusian marketplace gained such popularity in a rather short period: only in 2018, Decree No. 8 “On the Development of the Digital Economy”, signed by President Alexander Lukashenko, entered into force, which allowed creating a strong regulatory framework for the development of IT in Belarus.

Now Currency.com, created by Russian businessman Mikhail Gutseriyev together with Viktor Prokopenei, is the only fully functioning cryptocurrency exchange in the world regulated at the state level. The regulation ensures work within the framework of the law and serves to protect the interests of depositors and users of the service, for that reason it attracts investors from all over the world.

digital assets

Thus, the Belarusian initiative of Gutseriyev had a huge impact on the development of the digital economy in the republic and the CIS, and now it has reached the world level.

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