How Partnership Between New and Old Projects Affects The Price of Coin? Example of ATB Coin

Blockchain world is growing at enormous speed and there are more projects appear every month. In the time of the fast developing technologies, there is no place for do-it-alone approach anymore. Startups are constantly looking for support from already existing projects who have taken a stable position in the crypto market. At the same time, companies can also benefit from cooperation with new projects and provide benefits and new opportunities for its audience. ATB Coin is currently widening its partnership network and there are good reasons for that.

How can old and new projects benefit from cooperation?

Benefits from establishing a partnership between old and new projects are quite obvious but not everyone pays attention to them. Startups usually enter the market with not such a big community behind. Cooperation with a well-known company will help them to attract the audience and potential investors.
From the perspective of an experienced business, there is an opportunity to get benefits and bonuses that will be provided by startups and can be used by company’s clients.

What did ATB do?

ATB team has worked hard on finding partners among projects that have just entered the market and holding an ICO. These are projects that have joined their partnership network and bonuses that ATB Coin holders will get:

1. SAVE Token – a project that tends to protect your investments in the cryptocurrency. ATB Coinholderscanget a 30% bonus.
2. “U RUN IT” – the world’s first gambling platform that is completely controlled by the community. ATB Coinholderswillget 40% additionaltokens.
3. InfraCoins – a fully functional blockchain platform for booking hotels and renting. Bonus – 10% additionaltokens.
4. Aligato is a platform that offers its users an opportunity to pay for goods and commissions with popular cryptocurrencies and an internal token. ATB Coin holders get 3 bonuses, one of them is a 30% discount on tokens.
5. XRT Foundation is a blockchain company that currently works on the platform where users can pay for hotels and restaurants with an internal XRT token. There is a 30% bonus if buying project’s tokens with ATB Coin.

What did ATB get?

First of all, ATB gets a new audience of users that can come from projects’ community. Second of all, ATB Coin holders get bonuses and discounts on buying projects’ tokens. And the last but not the least, the demand for ATB Coin has increased significantly. The price of the coin has recently increased by 51% in 24 hours. ATB Coin has reached the 1st place on CoinMarketCap Biggest Gainers list.


ATB team has shown on its example that establishing partnership relationships with new projects can be beneficial for both sides. The ICO was closed about a year ago and gathered a strong community around. And still, new partners have influenced the rate of the coin and made it more attractable for crypto market players. More information about ATB Coin is available on the official website.

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