How To Get Cash For Gold And Diamonds

Sometime during your life you may look around your house for items to sell. It happens to all of us and either you want to sell because you need the extra cash or you don’t want to have that particular item in your home anymore. Jewelry is a common item to sell or trade.

Over the years, many of us collect jewelry and don’t even know we are doing it. Before you know it, your husband has given you rings, bracelets and pendants or your mother or sister has given you brooches or charms for your charm bracelet. The next time you check your jewelry case, I bet you can find at least two items you don’t use anymore. It happens to all of us.

Today, when money is harder to get and keep that it has been, selling some of your jewelry can be quite lucrative. There are many businesses that specialize in buying your gold and diamonds but you can also often see signs in local jewelry stores that they would be happy to purchase such items. There are even websites where the whole transaction can be done online. You send in your goods and they send you back the cash!

Not only is it a good time to sell because of the poor economy but also the people in China and India often want more gold and diamonds nowadays. In fact diamond prices went up a lot in 2011. This is why you will see signs now not only saying ‘we buy gold’ but ones that say ‘we buy gold and diamonds’.

There is a difference though between selling gold and selling diamonds. First of all, selling gold has been in fashion since at least medieval times. Gold also has a quantifiable melt value which makes it easier to assess. Diamonds, on the other hand, are more complicated to evaluate.

Therefore the first step you should take would be to have your jewelry authenticated and evaluated by a qualified appraiser. An appraiser who isn’t in the business of buying or selling diamonds is your best choice as he or she can give you an unbiased opinion. He can also give you good advice as to the good and bad things about your item of jewelry, as well as informing you of the actual condition of the piece and any other attributes.

Another way to go about this is to go to a professional diamond buyer. He will do this for free as he might be interested in buying your jewelry. This is a good way to go if the diamond is not extra expensive more in the $2000 category or less. A pawn broker would also give you an evaluation for free.

Once you have gone through the evaluation process, you have to decide exactly where you are going to try to sell your jewelry. It’s always best of course to go to at least two different places. Choose someone who you personally trust. You can also check their business status. You can also go to ebay, craigslist or even online auctions.

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