As of today, Facebook and Google are the world’s best and the largest traffic sources, with over 2 billion monthly active users each and almost infinite targeting opportunities. On top of that, this is a chance to advertise via audience networks; Google alone offers 2+ million websites, feed pages and blogs, not to mention Gmail, YouTube, and over 650,000 apps.


There are a whole lot of reasons why these channels would be extremely handy when launching an ICO project. For instance, the advertising costs are way lower than with other resources involved; you are able to shape the audience on your own (by setting gender, age, country, education, interests, etc.). Also, there’s a variety of formats and advertising objectives, as well as payment models, and so on. At present, the market is choke-full of agencies that specialize in buying traffic from Facebook and Google, but only a few of them can send it to ICO products. Because of being a specific industry with a certain payment model and audience, ICO encapsulates the ever-present need to adapt to the fast-changing market, where the distribution of crypto services happens to be somehow restricted every single day.


Audience Signal is one of the agencies we’d love to tell about. This team of 50 people has got a 6-year experience in performance marketing with 1 year and a half dedicated uniquely to ICO projects. Their track record embraces over 30 closed ICO projects, 20 projects promoted through crypto affiliate networks and over 15M attracted investment in total. Sounds interesting, right?

Here’s what the Audience Signal’s team says:

“Our topmost advantage is the ability to feel the audience. Over 6 years, we have promoted more than 1500 apps, 200 websites of goods and services. We’ve tried working in completely different niches, driven by a desire to find out what affects a user, what they are most attracted by, and what kind of audience our client needs. For us, the ICO products were sort of a peak that we successfully ascended and learned all its peculiarities. Now, we know for sure that we can attract any amount of investment and help our client achieve their final goals.”

According to CEO of Audience Signal, the adequate partnership is an important success factor. For about 3 years already, they have been working with ActionAds (a platform for traffic optimization and automation, recognized as Facebook Marketing Partner), which allows them to assess the audience instantly and exclude the unnecessary (expensive or irrelevant) segments.


  1. Research services, both at a client’s request and for their own needs – research and analysis of infrastructure, as well as direct and indirect competitors; identification of influencers; search for new opportunities and prevention of threats.
  2. Services for generating ad creatives and texts at a client’s request. In case a client is not able to provide the sufficient number of banners, the design team of Audience Signal will handle that on their own. They produce the creatives of any difficulty level, which can be easily adapted to multilingual user segments.
  3. Marketing services, including the launch of advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google, and other social platforms, selection of relevant audience, optimization and management services, as well as detailed reporting at a client’s request.
  4. Other services related to ICO preparation and implementation (whitepaper, smart contracts, project readiness assessment, tokens consulting, PR, etc).

When asked about the prices, the Audience Signal’s team replied:

“Money has never been our top priority. We adhere to mutually beneficial cooperation. Therefore, we stick to a transparent business model and are always ready to conduct a constructive dialogue with the client.”


In conclusion, let’s speak about the results of the finalized ICO projects. Unfortunately, the agreement on the NDA makes it impossible to reveal all the details and announce the real numbers; yet still, there are enough projects promoted via the crypto affiliate networks. Among the latter ones, it’s necessary to mention Faceter and $2.5 million of collected investment, Inspeer with a total of $1.3 million raised, Vinchain and their $1 million.

It’s up to you to decide whether to use Facebook and Google to promote your ICO product, do it yourself, or ask for a professional assistance. But one thing is for sure – Audience Signal offers you a truly noteworthy scope of services.

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