HTC will release a smartphone with a blockchain

HTC is developing a smartphone based on distributed digital registry technology. On the device, known under the working name Exodus, and there will be pre-installed an universal wallet, which will be protected at the hardware level. This will make it possible to secure transactions related to the transfer of cryptocurrencies and the work of decentralized applications.

The project is headed by Phil Chen, one of the developers of the Vive virtual reality helmet. According to him, HTC wants to create its own blockchain network, which will allow each device to act as an intermediate node and thereby facilitate the process of transactions between owners of Exodus-smartphones.

Support for such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum and Dfinity has been announced. “We want to support the entire ecosystem of blockchain, and in the next few months we will be announcing much more interesting partnerships,” Chen said.

There is nothing known about the device itself at the moment, writes The Next Web. As expected, Exodus itself can be bought for a cryptocurrency, but how much the novelty will cost, HTC does not say yet.

Exodus will not be the first smartphone with a blockchain. In October, a similar device will begin to sell Israeli Sirin Labs. You can buy it for $ 1000. In 2016, this firm released protected from “wiretapping” Solarin smartphone for civil servants, businessmen and financiers.

blockchain smartphoneThe model, available for $ 14,000, has a tiny switch on the back cover for a quick transition between two modes: a conventional Android smartphone and a closed, super-secure tool for encrypted communication. Source:

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