p2pb2b Referral Games – 4 Simple Steps to Win 1 mln Tokens

1 mln tokens for free? Simple as it is. p2pb2b cryptocurrency exchange is about to launch its referral program. However, the platform’s team has decided to take a different approach and offer its users various options to win a chance to receive coins. Traders will get points for particular actions made within the exchange, 5 winners will be chosen by the end of each season.

Referral Games rules

The Games will be held in seasons. The first season will last from 05.11.2018 until 30.12.2018. The rules of the program are quite simple and can be met by any crypto trader:

  1. Register at p2pb2b exchange website – p2pb2b.io
  2. Get a referral link
  3. Invite friends using your personal link
  4. Get points for each referral

One of the main terms that each participant should accomplish is to make at least 1 transaction on the exchange every day during the whole program. It can be a deposit, a withdrawal, or an order. Each transaction will bring you 1 point.

Each referral that has registered on p2pb2b with your link will also bring you 1 point. Depending on the actions they make on the platform, the number of points will grow. If your referral deposits money on the personal account or passes the KYC procedure, you get 5 and 10 points, respectively. As soon as the number of user’s referrals reaches 10, the trader gets a 50% discount on the trading fee until the end of the season.

The Prize

By the end of the Games, 5 traders will be named the winners. The more points traders get during the season, the more chances they have to win. The prize fund of 1 mln tokens will be divided between the winners the following way:

1st place – 250000 tokens

2nd place – 125000 tokens

3rd place – 50000 tokens

4th place – 40000 tokens

5th place – 35000 tokens

Invite referrals before the Games begin, so they could work for you soon after the start

exchangep2pb2b exchange

p2pb2b exchange was launched in 2014 and has been successfully operating in the crypto market. Each trading platform is supposed to meet its traders’ requirements, as well as being updated in accordance with the market changes. That is why p2pb2b team has decided to introduce an improved version of its platform and several months ago have made a reboot. The exchange is focused both on B2B sector and personal traders and offers a wide range of benefits for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. High performance, 24/7 support, strong safety (96% of all currencies are stored on cold wallets + 2FA), low commissions and more – everything for a reliable and comfortable trading.

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