In 2018, $ 1.7 billion was stolen in cryptocurrencies

In 2018, the number of cryptocurrencies thefts increased by 400% compared with 2017, exceeding the amount of $ 1.7 billion, this results are shown in a study made by GipherTrace.

It is noted that various forms of fraud, extortion programs and other methods were used for theft. At the same time, the real numbers can be much higher, since not all cases of cryptocurrency theft are known.

Earlier, analysts of the company FinExpertiza named the most profitable and failed investments in 2018. So, the experts took as a basis the research of 300 thousand rubles, which could be invested in one of 14 investment instruments.


So, the most disastrous was Bitcoin – investors lost 71.15% (or 213,464 rubles) in the outgoing year. Next come silver, platinum and gold – investors lost 15.37%, 15.16% and 5.91%, respectively.

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