In Europe, 9% of people keep cryptocurrency, and 25% plan to invest money in it

In a recent survey, ING bank specialists focused on the issues of cryptocurrencies, which showed the degree of interest in the new financial instrument on the part of Europeans.

9% of respondents already have cryptocurrencies in their accounts and plan to continue working with them. 25% of respondents have not yet begun to deal with them, but they have expressed a desire to invest a certain amount. In contrast to the general mass of positive, around 1/3 of respondents answered that they do not plan to deal with cryptocurrency assets at all.

In addition, we managed to find out that about 15% are ready to receive their wages in digital coins, and this despite the fact that for the past several months the market continues to rapidly lose its positions. Also, half of the respondents shared their opinion that, probably, it is for cryptocurrencies that the future of investing.

mapDue to the research it was possible to find out that, despite the consequences of the high volatility of the financial instrument and its rapid decline, the level of confidence remains unchanged. Probably, this is happening against the background of growing popularization. In addition, the crypto community has become accustomed to price rallies. Source:

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