In Hollywood they make a thriller about the cryptocurrency

Hollywood star Kurt Russell, along with the younger known actors, starred in the film, in which the important topic is the cryptocurrency.

In this movie we will see also Beau Knapp, Alexis Bledel, Jeremie Harris, Luke Hemsworth and others. The titleof this thriller is “Crypto”.

According to the plot of the movie, the young anti-money launderer, played by Bo Napp, returns to his hometown of New York to investigate cases of corruption and fraud. The role of the cryptocurrency enthusiast, who became a cyber-detective, went to Jeremy Harris.

Producers Crypto called the film ‘a thriller in the spirit of’ “Firm” and “Girls with a dragon tattoo”, but with a focus on cryptocurrencies.

“Crypto currency has attracted the attention and imagination of consumers and entrepreneurs around the world, but has never been explored in the film in such a detailed and exciting way” – said one of the “Crypto” producers Jordan Yale Levine.

Currently, the film is shot in New York, the date of its premiere is not yet called.

filmRecall that some time ago there was also another announcement: they are shooting in Hollywood movie about the cryptocurrency with the working title “21 seconds”. Source:

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