In Russia, there will be a state system for tracking transactions with digital currencies

Rosfinmonitoring will create this instrument. And the Institute will work on the problems of security and information analysis.

The main function of Rosfinmonitoring is to combat illegal financial activities and counter the financing of terrorism. The Office is ready to introduce several tools into the Unified Information System of the Office, which will help to monitor illegal crypto-operations.

According to the information posted on the site of public procurement, the system should be seen at the end of this year. In a single information base, there will be data on crypto-currency transactions.

As it follows from the text of the technical assignment, in the section of the EIS “bank account” (where information about possible participants in criminal activity is reflected), the “Crypto-currency” tab will appear in addition to the number of the bank account, card, phone and electronic wallet of the “participant” of the case.

The cost of updating the analytical system will be 195.5 million rubles.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Finance issued a statement that the budget for the development of the digital economy until 2024 will be 1.2 trillion rubles, and not 3.5 trillion rubles, as planned earlier.

The national program “Digital Economy” should be approved by October 1.

coinsThe preliminary budget of the program was compiled on the basis of calculations provided by the agencies participating in its implementation. The most expensive direction of the program was “Information Infrastructure”, which envisages the creation of a satellite system to provide wireless Internet access worldwide and the formation of a fifth generation mobile communication network (5G), as well as the development of the Internet. The federal project “Information Infrastructure” will cost the economy 993 billion rubles.

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