In the Kiev market people can pay using cryptocurrencies

On the Bessarabian market in Kiev, there is an opportunity to pay for purchases using cryptocurrencies. This is reported with the reference to the press service of the market “New time”.

“From now on, another payment instrument appeared on the Bessarabian market – the calculation of the cryptocurrencies. The management of the company managed to introduce such a service thanks to the crypto payment system Paytomat, which supports most popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Bitcoin Gold, NANO, Dash, NEM, WAVES, Ethereum” the press service said.

They clarified that at present the possibility of payment by cryptocurrencies is available in one outlet where vegetables are sold. Next to this place a plate with a single QR-code is installed. To pay off, the buyer must scan the QR code using his crypto-currency wallet installed on the smartphone. After payment, the seller will receive a message about the receipt of funds in UAH.

coinThe Bessarabian market is the first one where it is possible to pay for goods with a cryptocurrency. The management of the enterprise, added in the press service, “is ready to contribute to the distribution of payment by cryptocurrency”, if such a method of payment will be in demand among buyers.

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