In the next two years maximum growth will be demonstrated by Tkeycoin – Tkeycoin is included in the top three most dynamically developing and promising cryptocurrencies in 2018 year. In the next two years, the Tkeycoin DAO platform, together with the Epc Coin projects and Crowd Machine, experts believe, it can squeeze Bitcoin and other active leaders of the cryptocurrency market – Ethereum, DASH and Monero.

Earlier, independent analytical agency BitTelelgraf INC presented a rating of the most progressive ICO projects with growing dynamics. The data testify to the upward trend of the cryptocurrency, which can keep the upward trend for several years ahead, thereby significantly adjusting the cryptocurrency market.

Tkeycoin DAO is an international decentralized platform, which make it possible to implement intellectual solutions for any sphere of economic activity. The platform includes a payment system, a marketplace and development sites. Crypto currency Tkeycoin will become so popular that it will be able to pay for purchased goods, offline or online goods or services.

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