In USA the largest cryptocurrencies mining farm will be located in New York

In the USA there will be a new huge mining farm, exceeding in size all existing in the country at the moment. The facility will be located in the abandoned smelter Alcoa East Facility near the border. The old factory has not functioned for four years, so the authorities of the neighboring city gladly supported the initiative to use this place.

The implementation of the project will be undertaken by the well-known mining company Coinmint. The company plans to invest in the center constructed for the bitcoins mining about $ 700 million. The company will use the necessary land for an area of ​​1300 acres on a leasehold basis. The corresponding agreement was signed at the end of last year.

The drop in the bitcoin rate in recent months did not affect Coinmint’s desire to create a center for mining, whose capacity, by the way, is estimated at 435 megawatts. Technical director Prieur Leary believes that the cryptocurrencies mining will bring profit as long as there is a network of bitcoins.

computersThe area for the location of the mining complex was chosen wisely due to the fact that the region has established quite favorable prices for electricity. The advantage was a cool climate, thanks to which companies do not have to spend money on cooling systems. Source:

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