Investors will be able to get a profit with Tkeycoin

The opportunity to get a high profit with cryptocurrency this fall will be given to Tkeycoin investors. Tkeycoin’s entry to one of the world’s cryptocurrency exchanges is expected to take place in October. The management of TKEY has unveiled a list of potential sites for listing: among others, it includes such giants as Binance, Poloniex and Kraken.

Bright prospects for Tkeycoin mean trading even on only one of the listed exchanges, said Maxim Yakimov, CEO of TKEY. He emphasized: it is these sites that conduct trading daily and have millions of traders around the world. In order to get a true picture of global trading activity, the company conducted a large-scale market research. Specialists checked the volume of the sites, trading indicators, activity of exchanges, the interest of professional traders and the community. As it turned out, only ten exchanges in the world have actual trading volume, and 95% of the declared trading volume is invalid.

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Tkeycoin holders are waiting for the cryptocurrency to enter the exchange, since after this the release of Tkeycoin mobile wallets for iOS and Android will take place. Earlier, the company launched a blockchain search engine and local wallets for macOS, Windows and Linux.

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