Iran want to deprive miners of electricity subsidies

Iran’s Deputy Minister of Energy, Homayoun Haeri, said that electricity consumed by the miners of cryptocurrencies should be paid at real prices and not subsidized by the government. This was reported edition of the Financial Tribune.

Currently, the Iranian government spends about $ 1 billion annually on subsidies designed to bridge the gap between real energy costs and consumer bills.

Although mining cryptocurrency is limited in Iran, such enterprises continue to be created, and the low cost of electricity in the country contributes to this.

At the same time, the sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran led to an increase in interest in cryptocurrency as an alternative to fiat money even more.

Currently, the cost of electricity in the country is less than $ 0.01 per kW / h.


Recall that in September 2018, the Iranian authorities recognized the mining cryptocurrency as an independent industry. At the same time, the official legal framework that would confirm this decision and create legal certainty has not yet been developed.

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