Iranian President wants to create a single cryptocurrency of Islamic states

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani invited Islamic states to create a single cryptocurrency, speaking at the summit of Islamic countries in the capital of Malaysia, according to the official website of the Iranian president.

“The Islamic world must develop measures to counter the dominance of the US dollar and the US financial regime” – Rouhani said, making a number of proposals for converging the economies of the states, among which he put forward the idea of ​​creating a single cryptocurrency.

“With the development of blockchain concept, we will be able to develop our very own cryptocurrency by way of the involvement plus assistance of our main banking institutions … Nowadays we come with the possibility to expose a new currency for the Islamic world using digital technology” – said the Iranian president.


In addition, Rouhani also spoke about plans to create a joint fund for the Kuala Lumpur Summit to finance cooperation between Islamic countries in the field of technology and conduct joint scientific research in the areas of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

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