Italian bank started working with cryptocurrency

Banca Sella customers will be able to use digital money to pay for goods and services, as well as for international transfers. In Italy, due to quarantine the popularity of a new type of asset is growing.

Banca Sella Bank has provided to its customers the opportunity to conduct transactions with cryptocurrency. For this, the company entered into a partnership with the Hype platform, which is used by more than 1.2 million Italians to buy digital coins and pay for goods and services with their help.

Representatives of the bank noted that it will act as an intermediary. This will help protect customers from the risks associated with the purchase of cryptocurrencies through exchanges – the company explained.

Recently in Italy the interest in cryptocurrencies has grown, they have become more often used to transfer money. This is due to the quarantine that residents of the country are on because of the coronavirus.


The popularity of Bitcoin and other coins was recorded in Italy in the fall. SEMrush analysts found that the first cryptocurrency is used to pay online for purchases on average more than 215,800 times a month, which is more often than any credit cards.

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