Jewelry Making for Beginners

Jewelry making is becoming an increasingly popular hobby and why not? Making your own jewelry is not only an extremely rewarding pastime it’s also a brilliant way of saving money without having to make compromises on looking good. Handmade jewelry makes a very thoughtful, beautiful yet inexpensive gift.

There are many jewelry making kits on the market which are aimed particularly at beginner jewelry makers – these will typically include everything you need to make one or more pieces of jewelry including charms, beads, fasteners and wires – you may, however need a few rudimentary pieces of jewelry making tools to make the job a little easier. These, along with the kits and all accessories needed for making your own jewelry are readily available from many stores, both online and in your local mall.

Making your own jewelry can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. It’s important for beginner jewelry makers to start off with relatively simple methods and designs before becoming more adventurous as they gather valuable jewelry making experience.

Beginner jewelry makers will need a selection of simple tools to help them with their jewelry making projects. Typically they might need;

Pliers – all jewelry makers need pliers, they simply can’t make any jewelry without them. Not only one pair of pliers, they’ll actually need a minimum of three pairs. Round nose pliers are needed for making loops, long nose pliers and flat nose pliers also come in extremely useful. Make sure that you use proper jewelry making pliers for the best results, however there is no need to fork out lots of money until you really know whether jewelry making is for you.

The best idea is to buy some cheap pliers until you know whether you’re going to stick with your new found hobby and if you do use them regularly they can always be replaced with a more expensive pair when they break or are worn out.

There are also some pretty awesome jewelry took making kits available which should provide a good selection of pliers of different shapes and sizes . . . you can’t make jewelry without pliers.

There are a few different ways in which you can make your own jewelry – and after you’ve had a little practice you can always create your own, unique pieces and style.

Stringing beads is probably the easiest method of hand making jewelry. The only stuff you’ll need are the beads, the clasp and the material to string the beads onto – you can make a matching necklace, bracelet and anklet in next to no time at all and create something really stylish and unique.

Wire jewelry is remarkably easy to make, much easier than it looks actually. You’ll need some pliers for this as well as wire cutters but this is a great way to create some brilliant jewelry shapes from the wire alone or add beads or crystals for extra decoration.

Macrame – okay, think plant hanger and scale it down. The only difference between a macram wall hanging and a piece of beautiful jewelry is the thickness of the cord.

With so many great ideas, kits and supplies available it’s true that anybody can make a piece of beautiful jewelry cheaply, easily and quickly.

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