John McAfee announces anonymous cryptocurrency Ghost

The most controversial supporter of cryptocurrencies, John McAfee, announced his new project – a completely anonymous crypto coin Ghost.
On April 11, John McAfee tweeted that he and his team are working on a new anonymous cryptocurrency called Ghost. It will be traded on the McAfeeDex decentralized exchange.

“I offer you an innovative totally anonymous crypto-currency influenced by the Proof of Stake consensus system. McAfeeDex Atomic Swaps allow you to trade in pairs with leading cryptocurrencies. Using both a decentralized exchange and anonymous cryptocurrency, you will completely control your finances. ”

The project website says that the Ghost cryptocurrency “will make you a ghost” when making transactions on the Internet. On May 25, 25% of the total issue of Ghost tokens will be distributed among holders of the Switch cryptocurrency (ESH), the remaining 75% will be used to pay remuneration for staking. Technical documentation will be published May 15.


Until now, this token is traded exclusively on the McAfeeDex decentralized exchange, launched in October last year, but it has almost zero liquidity with a current spread of orders in the range of up to 3 satoshi on the buy side and 12 satoshi on the sale side. In the last 24 hours with WHACKD, only two real transactions have passed.

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