Juventus Football Club launches its own cryptocurrency

Fans of the Italian team with the help of a new token will be able to take part in the life of the club and receive rewards for this.

Juventus Football Club has released its own cryptocurrency – the JUV token. For this, a partnership agreement was concluded with Socios.com startup focused on the sports market.

Fans can purchase a token through the Socios.com application, the cost of the coin is fixed at about $ 2.2. With the help of JUV tokens, fans will be able to participate in the club and receive rewards for this. For example, now fans of the team can choose by voting which song will be played at the Alliance stadium when Juventus scores a goal.

Startup Director Alexander Dreyfus noted that in the first quarter of 2020, the company will launch JUV trading in pair with their native CHZ token. Currently, it is traded on the Binance exchange, its rate is $ 0.011.


The launch by the Juventus club of its token is not the first appearance of digital money in the sports market. At the end of last year, NBA clubs Sacramento Kings and Dallas Mavericks allowed fans at home stadiums to pay using cryptocurrency for tickets, parking, food and paraphernalia.

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