Large Chinese transport network will participate in the testing of the Digital Renminbi

Large Chinese transport company DiDi Chuxing has joined the development of the digital renminbi of the People’s Bank of China (PBoC).

The company entered into a strategic partnership with the Institute for Digital Currency Research at PBoC.

It is reported that DiDi and the PBoC think tank intend to work together to implement DCEP solutions in China’s largest transportation network.

“In accordance with the general strategy of DCEP, the DiDi working group will develop and implement pilot projects in accordance with strict standards of security, protection and management,” the report said.

DiDi claims to have 550 million users in Asia, Latin America and Australia. The company’s services include the provision of public transport and food delivery. In addition, the company plans to launch an unmanned trucking network with more than a million cars by 2030.

DiDi is valued at $ 56 billion and is the second unicorn in the world. Its shareholders are Apple, Tencent, Alibaba and other companies.


According to recent reports, the development of the basic architecture of the digital renminbi has come to an end. Also, despite reports of DCEP pilot trials in various regions, China has not yet announced the official launch date of its state cryptocurrency.

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