Litecoin will issue a card with the ability to convert LTC to fiat and will launch the Ballet Litecoin Block card

Ternio, along with the Litecoin Card, will release a card that will make it easy to convert LTC into US dollars. The conversion will take a few seconds. Users will be able to deposit cryptocurrencies to the card to eventually convert them into US dollars for use in the Blockcard account. This card can be used anywhere Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay is accepted.

The conversion process currently supports 12 cryptocurrencies such as Basic Attention Token (BAT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dai, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, Paxos Standard, Litecoin, Stellar Lumen (XLM), Tether (USDT), TrueUSD , Ternio, USD coin and Ripple XRP.

The Litecoin Foundation also announced the launch of the Ballet Litecoin Block Card in collaboration with Ballet Crypto and Litecoin Pool. According to Litecoin representatives, it is a “real .999 silver card” and comes with a full Litecoin block reward of 12.5+ LTC. Ballet Litecoin Block can be purchased at for 18 LTC per card.

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