Mining farm: source of income or immediate threat?

For trouble-free operation of any electrical consumers, the electrical wiring from which they supply power must be in order and technically comply with the parameters of electrical appliances. Otherwise, emergency operation of the electric wires may occur, their temperature increases dramatically, the insulation ignites and nearby inflammable materials or a short circuit occurs, as a result of which a full fire may also occur. These requirements apply not only to computer equipment, but also to all electrical appliances.

In October of the current year, in the Cherepovetsky district, there was an emergency operation of an air conditioner on the balcony of an apartment in a multi-storey building, where cryptocurrency was mined using a computer around the clock. The fire caused damage in the amount of 500 thousand rubles.

farmWe remind that in case of establishing the fault for the property in which the fire occurred, the compensation of all damage caused by the incident, falls on the shoulders of the culprit.

Compliance with fire safety requirements will allow you to save the life and health of you, loved ones, relatives and also will help to protect property.

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