Monex Group promises to distribute Bitcoins to its shareholders

Tokyo-based financial company Monex Group has announced that it will give out bitcoins to all its shareholders, regardless of how many shares they have in the company. This was reported on the corporation website.

Monex Group decided to provide its shareholders BTC cryptocurrency in the amount of 500 yen (about $ 4.67 USD).

According to the company, the event will take place on 30th September.

Shareholders which wanna to receive cryptocurrency will need to have (or open) a BTC wallet on the Japanese exchange Coincheck, a subsidiary of Monex Group.

A Tokyo based company, in order to strengthen its market position, is considering adding cryptocurrencies to its retail offerings .

Monex acquired Coincheck in April last year, when the exchange tried to solve the financial problems that arose after the $ 532 million hack in January. The company stated that it intends to return the earlier leadership to the country’s largest crypto exchange.


In April, the Monex Group launched a new service that allows customers to buy cryptocurrency for loyalty points.

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