More and more Japanese earns on cryptocurrencies

Due to the dynamic development of the segment, since recently the Japan Financial Services Agency has started the formation of the corresponding state statistics, which allowed to register curious trends. Thus, according to the fiscal services of the country, more than half of taxpayers, whose income as of the end of 2017 is from ¥ 100 million, made a significant part of their profits on operations with cryptocurrencies.

Definitely, as the most famous of the cryptocurrencies has already been established for a long time bitcoin. At the same time, the varieties of the “crypto” for today are already counted in hundreds. With one of the flagship currencies you can find out by going to the dash site. The crypto currency of the same name is widely in demand all over the world for instant private payments, both online and offline.

Stated above ¥ 100 million correspond to about $ 914 thousand. It is noted that in 2016 the number of taxpayers, whose declarations were recorded similar income, in the Land of the Rising Sun was 238 people. After the end of the next tax year, this indicator increased to 549 people, while the number of residents who received their profits from operations with crypto-currencies reached 331 people.

Analysts note that the data of fiscal bodies are the monetary equivalent of the country’s aggregate mining or trade in cryptocurrencies on exchanges. Thus, various economic transactions in which this instrument was used for mutual settlements as an alternative to the traditional means of payment were also taken into account in the formation of statistics. However, experts at the same time point to the problems that, due to the specifics of the crypto-currency market, do not yet allow for an effective audit of such transactions. However, the solution of such problems is only a matter of time.

cityOver the past year, Japan’s budget has collected $ 28 billion in taxes, which is a record of the previous 10 years. Source:

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