MSI Promotes Gaming Laptop as Mining Machine

While gamers around the world suffer from miners and a shortage of video cards, top-end laptops and solutions that meet the maximum settings of modern games, some companies are looking for a reason to make money in this. Someone is open, someone is not very much. For example, MSI at the end of February published a blog dedicated to the top laptop GE76 Raider. The text – article about this laptop is dedicated to mining.

Yes, the company wrote about how a top-end gaming laptop copes with cryptocurrency mining with a GeForce RTX 3080 and a good cooling system. It is clear that this is also a good test for the performance and capabilities of the device, but damn it, we’re talking about a gaming machine.

The results are not that important, but many fans of the brand were surprised by this text, and the players are simply perplexed. One of the questions is, shouldn’t MSI sell their laptops and graphics cards labeled “great solution for miners”?.

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