My Visit To A Gold And Silver Pawn Shop

Having just lost my job, I realized I needed money fast. I was looking for a new one but I wasn’t sure when I would be able to find one. This is why I went to visit the gold and silver pawn shop near my house.

My Grandma had left me a lot of nice jewelry and I knew I didn’t need all of it. She had collected it over the years and had too much as it is. I went through and picked out about five pieces I wanted to keep and decided to take the rest in.

I figured that I could get enough money to live off of until I was able to find a new job. I knew if Grandma was still alive she would want me to do this. I had saved the most important pieces of jewelry so I knew I still had a part of her with me.

When I walked in the door of the gold and silver pawn shop, I was pretty surprised. I had never been in one before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was picturing what I had seen in the movies.

This shop was family own and quite nice. I really felt comfortable in there. I didn’t feel as though they would take my items and run or anything like that. I talked to the man behind the counter and he was really friendly.

He looked at everything I brought in and gave me a really good price. I was very happy with the experience. He also told me that if I ever wanted anything back and it hadn’t sold, he would give it back to me for the money he gave me. I thought that was really nice of him.

I went to the bank, deposited my money and felt a lot better about my situation. While I was at the gold and silver pawn shop I saw a few items I would have liked for myself. I decided I would go back once I had a job and see if anything would work.

I was finally able to find a new job about two months after my visit to the shop. After I got my first paycheck I visited again. I ended up finding a few things I wanted and even a pretty ring for my aunt. I felt like I got a good price and was happy to give the shop my business.

I like to visit the shop every few months and see what new items they have in. I thought about trying to get some of my old stuff back but I knew I didn’t need it and figured it would be better if they sold it to someone who could use it.

Anytime a friend of mine needs to sell gold or silver, I tell them about that shop. I had such a great experience myself that I wanted to share it with others. It was hard for me to decide to go to a shop and sell my stuff but I am glad I did.

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