NBA Basketball Team Selling Souvenirs Using Blockchain

The Sacramento Kings basketball team has not won a season since 2006, but with its young stars like Buddy Hild and De’Aaron Fox, its management has very big plans for the future. In addition to its core business, the basketball club also sells commemorative accessories for its fans.

Recently, representatives of Sacramento Kings announced the creation of an auction site where people can buy commemorative T-shirts and other things related to the team. The auction will be held thanks to Treum, a blockchain-based development of ConsenSys.

Blockchain in the field of sports – The first auction was held on Wednesday during the Sacramento Kings game against the Dallas Mavericks. During it, branded accessories featuring the basketball player Hild were sold. Unfortunately, the Kings match itself was lost with a score of 123: 127 in favor of the Mavericks.

The basketball club is not holding an auction due to lack of funding – on the contrary, everything is very good with Kings money. The team recently signed a contract with player Harrison Barnes for a total value of $ 85 million. The money collected during the sale of sports souvenirs will go to charity. Proceeds from the first auction will help those affected by the destruction of Hurricane Dorian.

The auction works according to the following principle: from the beginning of the game until midnight, fans in the arena or at home can bid on the items put up for auction live. The highest bidder receives a souvenir with a certificate of authenticity and a token based on Ethereum with an ownership history of the item.


Sacramento Kings is perhaps the most advanced cryptocurrency sports team. It started accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment back in 2014, while four years later Kings themselves mined the crypt. Finally, last year it became known that the club prepared its own ERC-20 token to reward fans.

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