New bar in Germany with a bonus program based on blockchain technology

Owners of the Sausalitos bar in Germany decided to create a bonus program based on blockchain technology. Their cryptocurrency will be called Sausalitos Coin, it can be exchanged through the affiliate program qiibee, which develops similar solutions based on Ethereum.

To use the bonuses, you need to install a mobile application, with which you will need to scan the QR-code from the check issued by the barman. With each purchase in the bar, the buyer will be credited with bonuses. The clients of the bar will be able to cash Sausalitos Coins, exchange them for discounts or take advantage of the other benefits of regular bar customers.

Owners reserve the right to single out one cocktail and promote it among visitors, “seducing” them with a large number of bonuses for the purchase of this particular beverage.

barThe CEO of Sausalitos, Christoph Heidt, is confident that such a policy is beneficial both to the company and to its customers, since a new “cocktail” cryptocurrency can be used both inside the bar and outside it. In addition, the blockchain technology will increase the sale of the establishment, will help to increase the flow of customers, as well as ensure the safety of visitors databse storage in the bar. Another advantage of the blockchain is the simplicity in the management of the company’s foreign branches, which are often multinational. Source:

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