New browser will pay you BAT tokens for viewing ads

The creators of the Brave browser began to test the technology that allows users to earn on viewing online advertising. The test version of the program, scheduled for release at the end of the month, and it includes about 250 ads, for interaction with which users will receive a reward in the form of BAT – Basic Attention Token, those tokens are based on the Ethereum platform.

Brave will begin to block the usual Internet advertising, replacing it with own ads. Banners will be shown taking into account the interests and history of the user’s views, but outside the browser this information will not work.

At the next stage, advertisers will be able to pay BAT for showing their ads to site owners, and those – to share part of the earnings with users. It is expected that BAT can be exchanged for real money or use tokens to pay for subscriptions and online purchases.

The development of Brave is headed by Brendan Eich – the former head of Mozilla (who produces Firefox) and the creator of the JavaScript language. The project was announced in 2006. The browser already includes tools that “cut” annoying Internet advertising and provide privacy – there is no need to install extensions.

websitesDue to this, sites are loaded faster. As they say in Brave, their browser “downloads sites 2-8 times faster than Chrome and Safari on mobile devices, and almost 2 times faster than Chrome on desktop computers.” Source:

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