New episode of The Simpsons is dedicated to cryptocurrencies

The FOX Channel is launching this Sunday the 13th episode of season 31 of the animated series The Simpsons called Frinkcoin. As follows from the description, the episode is dedicated to the topic of cryptocurrencies.

Homer and Marge argue about which one of them Lisa will choose for the essay “The Most Interesting Person Of All I Know.” Instead, Lisa chooses Professor Frink. While she is working on an essay, Frink is developing cryptocurrency and robbing Mr. Burns the title of the richest resident of Springfield.

A short teaser was uploaded to FOX YouTube channel, in which Jim Parsons, known for his role as Sheldon Cooper in the CBS comedy series “The Big Bang Theory,” talks about the principles of blockchain functioning in accessible terms. The distributed registry appears in the passage in the form of a singing book of transaction accounting.

At one point, Parsons pulls the handle of a device, which is a hybrid of a gaming machine and a server, from which coins with an image resembling a bitcoin symbol begin to pour in, but instead of the usual capital “B”, a lowercase is used.

The authors took out on a separate slide what they did not fit into the animated plot, mixing facts with observations of the life of the cryptocurrency community, for example, about coin distribution mechanisms: “They can be generated by fiat, like traditional currencies, or randomly scattered, or they can all be given away LeBron. ”

“We have large buildings with energy consuming air-conditioned computers that solve useless math problems” FOX viewers learn from the new episode of The Simpsons. “In addition, we know the personality of Satoshi, but we will not reveal it to you.”

This is not the first reference to cryptocurrencies in The Simpsons. In 2014, the clown Krusty admitted that he went bankrupt because he was “unlucky in betting and even less fortunate in bitcoin markets.” A year later, one of the Springfield Elementary School bullies Jimbo Jones announced that he accepts bitcoins to pay for mocking peers.


In addition, cryptocurrencies have dedicated a separate quest line in the mobile game “The Simpsons: Tapped Out”.

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