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Two of the most requested enhancements we have received is an option to PIF Free Personal Referrals and the ability to deposit funds and purchase from the available balance to save money on transaction fees of individual purchases.

We are happy to announce both of these options are live in your back office.

The member still needs to make the initial .025 LTC purchase as a one off purchase or the sponsor can PIF this .025 LTC for their referral. The reason is we want to continue to limit the back office access to only paid members because it adds value to our advertising credits.

After the member has access to the backoffice they can deposit additional funds and purchase their upgrades or PIF with the available balance.

You will find the PIF option on the Direct Referral page in your back office.

To allow members to deposit and have funds in their available balance for purchases we raised the auto withdrawal to 1.00 LTC. However, you still have access to your funds and can withdraw at any time because the withdrawal process is automated on our side, meaning we do have to approve your manual withdrawals.

To add funds to your account click on the Deposit Funds tab in the menu and follow the instructions on the page. After the funds are in your account choose Internal Funds to purchase using your available balance.

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