New virus is threatening machines for the cryptocurrencies mining

On the Web, a new malicious program has been discovered that threatens the security of machines for crypto mining. This information reported portal BitCryptoNews with reference to the statement of the GuardiCore specialists.

As it became known, the experts discovered a new problem in the field of crypto-security: the Prowli program, which managed to infect 40,000 computers used for cryptocurrencies mining. It is reported that the virus uses variational techniques to penetrate users computers, one of the methods for gaining access by hackers was a breakthrough through the protection of IoT devices.

cyber faceAccording to available information, the detected program was used exclusively to seize access to the mining, but not to steal personal information from users. It is noted that the only type of information that the intruders wanted to capture was logins and passwords necessary to gain access to the full range of computer functions. Source:

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