New virus steals cryptocurrency from Mac users

A new virus CookieMiner steals cryptocurrency from Mac users. The malware assigns personal data to people and installs a hidden miner on the computer.

This virus was noticed by experts from Palo Alto Networks who are involved in cybersecurity. CookieMiner focuses its attention on users of crypto currency exchanges. The virus steals their personal data, passwords from Google Chrome, cookies, SMS messages, and even backups of iTunes and its associated devices.

Using all this information, intruders gain access to the accounts of people on the exchanges or to their wallets, from which they withdraw the cryptocoins to their accounts. The harm of a virus program does not end there. It also installs a miner on a Mac, which uses computer resources to extract the little-known Altcoin Koto.


Experts point out that users should be very attentive to what they download and install on their Mac PC. They do not recommend opening links that came to e-mail, even if they were sent by friends, because they, too, could become victims of cybercriminals. Experts also recalled that in 2018 cryptocurrency was stolen to the amount of about 1.7 billion US dollars.

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