Temple on the mountain

temple and mountains The annual Gadya Yatra of Lord Vishnu is the most important festival for Hindus. It is an occasion to worship the Lord and seek His blessings. It is believed that during this pilgrimage, the Lord visits his home, ‘Vishnu Dham’

Alien with long arms

alien long arms In the Aliens franchise, humans are often attacked by extraterrestrial creatures with elongated arms. These creatures are termed "aliens" in the films and "extraterrestrial" in other contexts. Alien is a term that refers to any unknown or unintelligible creature,

Scary ghost

scary ghost Ghosts are legendary beings that often appear in stories and paintings as an omen of death or an evil spirit. But what if these legends were real? Legends of ghosts are perhaps the most widespread among all cultures.

Unidentified Flying Object BBQs: A Recipe for Success

aliens barbecue Are you tired of the same old boring barbecues? Spicing up your summer cookouts has never been easier with this new trend of UFO BBQs! That's right, grilling up some extraterrestrial cuisine

The magical cross in the forest

cross and forest In the middle of the forest, there lies a small clearing with a tall stone cross in the center. It is said that if you whisper your wish to the cross, it will come true.

The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Waterfalls

autumn and mountains As the leaves begin to change color and fall gently to the ground, many people flock to the mountains to see the river in all its autumn glory. The sight of the river cascading over the rocks

Mysterious woman in the forest

gothic woman Emerald Forest is a beautiful place where you can find a woman in the forest. The mysterious woman has visited that place recently and many people who have gone there were never seen again. The reason for this is that this place is haunted

Hooded person on the street

hooded person How many times have you passed a person on the street and wondered what they were thinking? Or perhaps, who they were and where they were going in life. We pass people every day; some we even stop to chat with and others we just ignore.

Old Cowboy Wisdom

old cowboy There's no denying that the old west was a tough place to make a living. The cowboys of the 1800s had to be resourceful, strong, and quick-thinking if they wanted to survive.

Devil's gate in the forest

devil's gate The legend of the ‘Devil’s Gate’ is one of the most common and widespread in India. It has a number of variations, but the basic story is always the same. Every year on or around Halloween, the gates of hell open up to receive demonic forces that attempt to enter our world.