Now people can buy a new series of painting “Universe” for bitcoins

The British artist Linkoln Townley has released a new cosmic series of paintings for investing in crypto-currency. To a large extent, he is notable for its cooperation with experts.

A new collection of Townley, received the name “Universe”, is assigned to a cosmos. Estimated interstellar studies of extraterrestrial life, works include images of bankers on Venera and discs on Mars. In the middle of the painting we won’t see bitcoin on the moon, but the artist’s merits will be sale for bitcoins.

A new paintings collection is displayed on the artist’s website, allowing fans to have the opportunity to gain access to the paintings from around the world. Switching to the virtual mode was accompanied by the adoption of virtual currencies, in the main way, bitcoin. The “Universe” collection will be shown at the Saatchi Gallery in London from 8 to 1 September 2020.

“We are connected with numerous buyers which think about the crypto-currency as the number 1 plus they willing to devote it in the modern-day artwork. The ability to trade in large numbers of crypto coins is attractive to our collectors” – said Townley.


In 2017 year, Townley completed his first revision with a crypto “field”, when his painting has been sold for 40 BTC (worth at this time $ 520,000) Since then, Townley has become convinced crypto-enthusiasm.

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