Now there are more bitcoin wallets with a balance of 100 BTC

As long as bitcoin shakes below $ 10,000, the emount of wallets with more than 100 BTC is growing. Aggregator of data Santiment revealed that over the past five days more than 43 new crypto-wallets have increased their balances to more than a hundred bitcoins. Now almost 16,000 are there, the current BTC / USD exchange rate will go over $ 17.75 million.

The last months showed that the whale setting became the main indicator for the cognition of the movement of bitcoin. As a result, the number of addresses containing more than 100 bitcoins has decreased, the price of currency is reduced. In general, the patron showed that the whales bought coins on the spot.

For example, on March 12th, when the BTC went down by more than 50%, the number of addresses was more than 100 BTC, exceeded 16,250. In addition, a little more than 100, of course, was also over. Growth of purses with a balance above 100 coins means that the whales accumulate currency. Right now, the whales accumulate medium, since they do not plan a short-term correction of prices.

The last five days, BTC was in the range of $ 9З00-9700. If the buildup continues, bitcoin can be set to a short-term bullish scenario with a movement of $ 10,000. A reduction in wallets from 100 BTC will cause a reduction. Behind the last couple of months, up to a few large BTC holders were included in short-term high-rise short-range medals, and a short-range accelerator The technical adjustment of BTC / USD on the daily chart hints at a possible growth of $ 10,000.


At present, the pair supports the range of the upstream channel, which looks like a falling wedge (red line). Relative Strength Index (RSI) above 5Z also has the potential to push the price to the area of ​​purchase. On the other hand, the bottom of the wedge support level can lead to a drop to the level of $ 8694, with more strong outdoor sockets, not more than 6.

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