Nvidia has found a way to discourage miners from gaming graphics cards

Nvidia has figured out how to discourage miners from buying gaming graphics cards. The problem arose last fall, when the rise in cryptocurrency rates led to another round of video card shortages. Not only the newest, but also the previous generations disappeared from the shops, so Nvidia came up with an idea to reduce the attractiveness of the GeForce RTX 3060 model in the eyes of miners.

Drivers for a video card will now halve its performance when mining cryptocurrencies. This will be achieved by identifying the hashing algorithms used in cryptocurrency mining and programmatically degrading the card’s performance for such use cases. Moreover, the company’s blog stated about Ethereum mining, whether the innovation will affect other cryptocurrencies it is not clear.

And in order to somehow solve the ongoing problems with the stock of video cards, Nvidia decided to launch another line of processors, completely focused on mining, with a new line for mining the SMP cryptocurrency. These cards will have no video outputs, lower peak voltages and core frequencies, and improved ventilation to make them easier to use in busy data centers. The company’s blog states that these cards will be sold to authorized partners.

There are four cards in the line, the first two are expected in the first quarter of this year, while others, more powerful ones, will appear in the second. Their cost has not yet been officially announced. Most likely, at the moment, this measure will not be able to completely stop mining on gaming video cards, but this is the first step in dividing the audience into two different segments.

Major mining companies will no longer be paying attention to the new GeForce GPUs, and hopefully the launch of the RTX 3060, scheduled for February 25, will be more successful than previous 30-series product launches.

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