OKCoin will give away $ 1 million in free cryptocurrency

Crypto exchange OKCoin gives its customers Avalanche tokens (AVAX) in the amount of $ 10 to $ 50 for free.

The San Francisco crypto exchange plans to distribute $ 1 million Avalanche tokens among its customers’ wallets. OKCoin will announce the distribution dates for roughly the next two weeks. All OKCoin customers are eligible, with the exception of Singaporeans, Bruneians and residents of the European Union.

Haider Rafik, director of marketing in OKCoin, told Decrypt that the company is giving away cryptocurrency because it agrees with Avalanche’s mission to “create a worldview of true digital ownership.” Avalanche supports the Ethereum virtual machine and claims to process transactions cheaper and faster than its competitor.

OKCoin bought AVAX for distribution, and Avalanche is providing a small portion. Rafik said the details of OKCoin’s deal with Avalanche, which only began discussion last Wednesday, are confidential.

AVAX’s main markets are Binance, which provided support to US customers late last year, as well as OKEx and Huobi Global.

But starting at 7:00 pm ET on February 3, OKCoin posted the coin. This will allow people to withdraw funds from February 4th.

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