Only one bank from Russia is ready to sell Petro

This financial organization is the only company in the world that makes transactions with the Venezuelan cryptocurrency Petro. Let’s remind, the Venezuelan government has created the digital currency with the purpose of circumvention of financial sanctions from America (have been entered against Venezuela in 2017 th year).

Investors interested in acquiring Venezuelan cryptocurrency can do this by transferring money to a special account of the country’s government at Evrofinance Mosnarbank, and the minimum amount of the transaction should be one thousand dollars.

Note that the creation of the Venezuelan digital currency occurred with the participation of previously unknown companies from Russia – Zeus Exchange and Aerotrading. President Nicolas Maduro expressed his gratitude to the companies for their work.

At the end of 2017, the Venezuelan authorities first announced that they intend to create a national cryptocurrency. In response, american representatives of the Finance Ministry announced that operations with this currency would violate US sanctions that were imposed against Venezuela for suppressing civil liberties in the state. Source:

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