Opera for Android received a redesign of the interface and support for bitcoin

The popular Opera web browser for the Android mobile platform gets a new look, and with it the new function (the extension) of the built-in crypto wallet.

The updated design, creating a colorful interface with ten color combinations, a flat design and flowing shapes, is called Squircles. The changes made it possible to reduce the transition animation, allowing the user to more quickly reach the final goal.

The updated Opera interface for Android is focused on reducing the number of distractions. The new design does not have sharp geometry, which has been replaced by the concept of focus on transitions. The main Opera tools, such as a free VPN, built-in crypto wallet and ad content blocker, also follow the chosen concept, which means that users will get access to them as quickly as possible. In addition, the browser offers many options with which each user can configure the browser for themselves for more comfortable work on the Internet.

In the “Appearance” section, new color options have appeared, which users can use to customize the appearance of the browser to their liking. Design schemes can coincide with the dark and light modes of the Android system or can be installed independently of them. This means that each of the available color options can be activated in both dark and light modes.

Opera is the 1st web browser with a built-in crypto wallet. In the next update, support for bitcoin and TRON was added, so users can make payments and transactions with cryptocurrencies directly inside the browser without using any additional extensions.

digital coins

Users can not only send and receive bitcoins and Ethereum, but also use them to pay for goods and services on different websites. Opera interacts with TRX and the TRON DApps ecosystem of decentralized applications that are available right in the browser.

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