Payments with ripple PayID will be easy as sending an email

The general director of Ripple Brad Garinghouse wrote (in his tweet) that the payments should be so simple as the message sent by e-mail.

The recently created Ripple alliance already has over 40 partners, and it includes such large companies as BitGo, Brave, Huobi and All of them will work with an open payment network.

The identifier, which will look like a domain name, can use a new server and can receive both fiat, currency and currency.

Ripple integrated SkyID into the global network of RippleNet, which consists of more than 3,000 booths and is designed to expand foreign clothing.

Despite the fact that, in addition to large companies, it is not clear whether such payment systems, like Square and Venmo, are included in the Coalition. A protocol with an open source code may interfere with the storage of their customers, taking into account that they may choose other alternatives.


The executive director of Ripple Ethan Birde said that the listed companies may use the PaidID as a part of the hedging payment by shutting down the network for free of charge.

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