PlanB: China and Musk’s actions won’t stop BTC’s rise to $ 135,000

The analyst who developed the S2F forecasting model believes that the actions of Musk and China will not stop the rise of the cryptocurrency to at least $ 135,000 by the end of the year.

The actions of Elon Musk and the Chinese government will not stop Bitcoin’s previously predicted rise to $ 135,000, according to PlanB, the anonymous analyst who developed the Stock-to-Flow model.

By December 2021, the cryptocurrency will reach $ 135,000 – and this is just a pessimistic scenario. However, until October, 1 BTC is highly likely to be valued below the $ 65,000 high it has reached.

A Twitter user compares the current charts to the 2013 charts. Recall that in April 2013, bitcoin reached a maximum of $ 260, later losing 75%. In November of the same year, digital gold unexpectedly approached $ 1,000, after which a multi-year bear market was established.

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