Productive September: victories and achievements of FutureNet for the first month of autumn

FutureNet summarizes the results of September and is ready to share key news with you, in case you missed something important.

FutureNet Sport

During the outgoing month, FutureNet Sport took an active part in a variety of sports events and is eager to share the results.
• Basketball. The team of FutureNet Śląsk Wrocław defeated WKK Wrocław in the final match with a score of 93:76 and became the winner of the tournament in memory of Adam Wojcik. The company is proud of the brilliant result achieved by basketball players!
• Racing. On September 22 the 7th German national championship in ring racing in Nurburg was held. FutureNet racers finished 16th  out of the 26 teams.
• Sailing. An incredible success was achieved by the FuturеNet sailing team, which won the Polish Cup 2018. By the way, this is the second prestigious trophy of the team for this season: a week earlier, they won the Polish Sailing Championship.

In September, the FutureNet project showed great sports activity. In addition to the abovementioned competitions, the company took part in football and handball matches, equestrian sports and others. FuturеNet actively supports the sports sphere, cooperating with numerous teams and clubs. The company is confident: there are even more victories ahead!

FutureNet World Convention

On September 8-9, the company held a grandiose conference FutureNet World Convention in Macau. The event was held in the Studio City Arena and gathered more than 6000 people from 78 countries around the world. Thousands of people from 120 countries watched the conference online. During the conference, representatives of the company introduced the new CEO to the audience, shared the achievements and plans of the project for the future, talked about cooperation with the UN and IIMSAM. The audience was the first to learn about the evolution of FutureAdPro, the innovative advertising network BannersApp and the latest updates of FutureNet. Among the speakers of the event there were world famous representatives of the MLM sphere. One can see the scale and incredible atmosphere of the FutureNet World Convention at the photo reports.

FutureNet official anthem

FutureNet now has an official anthem. Alive, heartfelt, motivating and inspiring words emphasize the cohesiveness of FutureNet community, the common interest and values, the desire for common victories of all its members, regardless of where they are located. The anthem of FutureNet really inspires to achieve common goals!


infoIn September the company introduced BannersApp, an application that could be the best advertising tool ever existed. The application shows ads to the users when theu unlock the phone. According to statistics, a person performs this action about 80-110 times a day. At the same time, advertising corresponds to the preferences and interests of the user, which means that it has more chances to reach the final goal. The new app caused great interest among the public: the number of users of the application already exceeds 3.5 million people!

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