Promising Player in the Crypto market – IQeon Platform Is Getting Ready for Beta-Testing

One of the leading conference dedicated to a sustainable development and profitable investment in the blockchain – Crypto Invest Summit – was held on October 22-24th 2018 in Los Angeles. Over 150 speakers have discussed the development of the crypto market and its future trends. The COO of the IQeon Alexander Pavlov has visited the event and has met with several companies representatives that signed up for a recently announced platform beta-testing scheduled for November 12th, 2018. The project has been also presented at the Crypto Games Conference by the CTO Pavel Kazimirenko and has great plans for further development.

IQeon platform

There are more than 2,5 million people playing games. IQeon team has come up with the idea of creating a decentralized PvP platform that provides players and game developers with a wide range of opportunities in the gaming market with a help of the blockchain technology:

• Players get an access to various games where they can earn on their intellectual abilities and skills;

• Developers can introduce their games to a large community of gamers within the platform.

“97% of gamers worldwide don’t know how to monetize their in-gaming achievements. In IQeon we want to give users more opportunities to make real money and develop professionally simply by playing games. At the same time, the blockchain technology will prevent any kind of frauds and hacker attacks, thus ensuring the reliability of the platform and fair payments” – says the CTO of IQeon Pavel Kazimirenko.

Platform features

Thanks to the built-in functionality, IQeon users can:

• play any game within the IQeon network, earn IQN tokens and either spend them on gaming items or exchange for a fiat currency.

• organize their own tournament, set the rules and participation fees.

• make bets on the results of tournaments and competitions.

pressThe closed beta-testing of the platform is scheduled for November 12th, 2018 and will include testing of the game owners section and moderation system, as well as games connection using the Game API.

More information about IQeon can be found on the official website.

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