Public company bought Ethereum for the first time

A public company confirms the purchase of Ethereum for the first time. The total holdings of altcoin managed by Meitu reached $ 40 million.

A public company buys Ethereum for the first time – we are talking about a deal for $ 17 million. The fact that the institution represent China, whose government is hostile to independent cryptocurrencies, makes the event even more piquant.

Meitu is a company from the Chinese city of Xiamen that has gained immense popularity in Asia for its photo editing application of the same name. In total, Meitu’s portfolio contains about 20 applications, mainly for editing photo and video materials: BeautyCam, Pomelo,AirBrush and others. The audience of the mobile ecosystem is about 500 million people.

The company is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. According to the data provided, the last transaction for the purchase of a digital asset is estimated at $ 17 million. In total, Meitu manages Ethereum reserves in the amount of $ 40 million, which makes the Chinese startup a leader among the segment’s investors.

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