Quebec assesses the sale of 500 megawatts for miners

Public Energy Company of Quebec (Canada) has submitted plans to the local government, which imply the sale of electricity to miners. These activities could pave the way for Hydro-Quebec, a local hydropower plant, to create a new infrastructure with which it would be possible to work with the miners handling cryptocurrency networks.

The plan, if approved, will launch a selection process through which Hydro-Québec will distribute 500 megawatts of power between the miners. In a statement, the utility reported that its filing with the Régie de l’nnergie, which, if approved, would allow the miners to submit applications that Hydro-Québec would consider based on their ability to create jobs and economic benefits for the province.

Representatives of Hydro-Québec suggested that the government will seek an early resolution of this problem because of the existing moratorium on new permits issued earlier this month with reference to the “unprecedented” level of demand.

The hydropower plant also wants to put a cap on the power used, which miners can use for a year to free up the opportunity for other customers. This concern underlies many of the disputes that are observed in North America between miners, local authorities and residents.

Hydro-Québec writes:

The solution will be based on an economic analysis of the situation and the company will assist customers who are ready to manage their objects as efficiently as possible. In addition, Hydro-Québec may require customers to reduce their energy consumption for a maximum of 300 hours per year to provide electricity to other customers, especially during the winter peak of consumption.

flagEarlier this year, representatives of Hydro-Québec pointed out that the hydroelectric power station could not fully meet the demand that comes from the miners. Source:

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