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Red Tea Detox Recipe Hemorrhoids are prominent, swollen veins that affect the anus or lower part of the rectum. You can get hemorrhoids as a result of an effort during the bowel operation or great pressure on veins in the area, or obesity or pregnancy.
It should be noted that the incidence of hemorrhoids increases with age, which is because the tissues that support the blood vessels in the anus and lower part of the rectum weaken and expand.

Causes of external hemorrhoids
External hemorrhoids usually appear below the surrounding area of ​​the anus due to inflated blood vessels in the area, because:
Frequent and persistent stress during defecation: due to diarrhea or constipation
Pregnancy: This is due to increased pressure of the uterus on blood vessels in this area.
The most vulnerable groups of external hemorrhoids
Here are the risk categories for this type of hemorrhoids:

Inheritance: If your parents have had hemorrhoids, the risk of being infected with them increases.
Pregnant women are more likely to develop external hemorrhoids due to increased pressure from the uterus on the anus.
Age: Aging contributes to the weakening of blood vessels that support the region, increasing the risk of hemorrhoids.
Obesity: People with obesity have a higher risk of having hemorrhoids than others.
Causes of internal hemorrhoids
Inner hemorrhoids appear in the inner area of ​​the rectum, meaning that you can not see or feel them. This type of hemorrhoids does not cause pain due to the presence of a few sensory nerves in the area, and the only symptom associated with it may be hemorrhage.
The causes of this type of hemorrhoids

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