Russia is able to launch a “crypto-ruble” due to gold reserves

Investors estimate Russia’s gold reserves at $ 147.44 billion. The country has enough resources to launch a unique currency – stablecoin.

The first country in the world which launch stablecoin was China. The combination of a national currency and a cryptocurrency has been called the Crypto Yuan.

Having set a new record on the world market, the price of a troy ounce rose to $ 1994.6. Russia’s strategy to build up its gold reserves has borne fruit – currently, reserves amount to 73.921 million troy ounces. The country is ready to completely switch to gold rubles at the expense of the gold reserve.


Stablecoin could become much more promising by forming a peg to gold. At the same time, the so-called “crypto-ruble” is able to combine the best qualities from its physical and electronic incarnation.

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